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We have between 250 and 300 items, mostly books, and some video tapes and CDs, which can be taken out at the monthly meetings. Everything is housed in eight file boxes. The books (seven boxes) are divided into categories: Art, Dye and Paint, Machine Work, Handwork, History, Home Dec, Children, Piecing, Fiction and Other. Video tapes and CDs have their own box.

The entire collection is on an Excel computer list that can be sorted by title, author, number (roughly chronological), subject (the above categories) and certain specific subjects such as beading. Have fun with the list below.

The Library accepts donations and buys new items with The Quarter Cut Club, a monthly opportunity on a set of fat quarters. Suggestions for new items are also accepted. Because our space is limited, older items that arenít going out are discarded via book bingo, a fun opportunity to acquire free books. In addition to what we own, individuals can loan items from their private collection to the Library for a specified time period so that others may enjoy them.

The Librarian does check on who has what out for how long. I tried to come up with reasonable rules which are listed below the book and materials list.

CONTACT: Librarian (See newsletter for contact information)

Library Rules

Return newer items (owned six months or less) at the very next Guild meeting. If you canít make it, send the stuff in with someone else. Please take new items one at a time so others can have a chance at the new stuff.

Always return DVDs and items loaned to the Library at the very next Guild meeting.

To take items out, sign the card. If there is no card, you cannot take it out. See the librarian to get a card. Leave the card with the Library. The cards always stay with the Library.

Put returns in the stack. They have to be checked in by a librarian. Do not return them to the boxes.

Items probably should not be kept for more than three months. Exceptions include items the Library has owned for six months or less and all DVDs and loaners, which all must come in the very next Guild meeting. If there is a request for an item, the librarian may call it in.

Silence is not required. Talk all you want.

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